The Walking Dead Season 7: Upcoming Series, Featuring New Elements

The story line revolves around a stream of adventure with supernatural elements. The horror and mystery elements shall make this series even more interesting. Certain secrets are yet to be revealed. The audiences have to wait to watch how each of these mysteries gets unfolded. The victim of the Negan is not revealed yet. With each of this suspense in a hold, the series is going to be a hit with the fans this time as well.

The Walking Dead Season 7

Writer Scott m. Gimple has been working on improvising the script for The walking dead season 7 episode 1 online while the sixth was on the air. He has worked son each and every intricate detail of the script to make it a grand hit this time. The action-packed performances of the fine actors have been impeccable. With all these elements working together this year the 7th series is going to be highly entertaining for its fans.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Air Date:

This series will be on air by October 23, 2016. One of the best television series, The walking dead season 7 has been a talk of the town since the release date announcements. The media hype is increasing day by day as the ardent fans are waiting with all their excitement to view this series. With a pack of sixteen episodes; this series is going to become one of the most-watched series. Steven Yeun who plays the role of Glenn Rhee is a moralistic individual who holds the group together.

The previous year’s controversies had left an enormous impact on the viewership of this series. The cliffhanger issue left the viewer’s extremely annoyed. The entire team had to apologize for having annoyed the whole team. This is the first time that the media outrage had left the series producers so shocked. Having succumbed to those issues, they are now ready to release the series on the air.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers:

With so much action and drama, the heinous crimes and acts remind the viewers of Greek plays. The characters become victims of the atrocities indicted on them. They do succumb to it. This whole journey entails stories of all these individuals who have become a part of this adventurous spree of revenge and bloodshed. has already too many spoilers released. There is also a video that has been released which is a promotional stunt. This is just to give an idea to the audience that Rick is not the victim.